For Judges

 (explanation of the purpose of each resource)

Juvenile Bench Book

The purpose of this bench book is to give judges and attorneys quick access to relevant information regarding the Oklahoma Children’s Code in Oklahoma.

This book is divided into chapters. The chapters are listed in the left hand column. Clicking on the chapter will open up subsections of each chapter. Click on the subsection to display the contents.

Judges Handbook “Oklahoma Disability Law Center”

Tab One: – Understanding Authority of Judge of District Court Supervising Juveniles to Enforce Federal Rights
Tab Two: Understanding Special Education
Tab Three: Understanding Discrimination
Tab Four: Understanding Medicaid
Tab Five: Understanding how to locate Resources with case

Oklahoma Bench Guide ICWA

Oklahoma’s first published appellate opinion on ICWA was issued thirty-five years ago by the Court of Civil Appeals, and today Oklahoma remains a leading state in ICWA application. (See, Duncan v. Wiley, 1982 OK CIV APP 45, 657 P.2d 1212.) This bench reference provides an insightful approach to the standards and requirements of ICWA, OICWA and the new BIA Final Rule on ICWA.

NCJFCJ Bench Guide – ICWA

This benchbook was created to build upon the original checklists with updated language to be consistent with the statute, regulations, and best practices, commonly promoted by the NCJFCJ.

Parent Guardian Handbook

This handbook has been designed to assist those who have become involved in the dependency court system in Oklahoma. The court experience can be very intimidating and overwhelming for some, especially when it involves your children.

Having correct information can be very powerful and can lessen the confusion that can accompany this process. Please keep this handbook with you and use it to research terms you do not understand and to know who to contact to assist you with your questions.

Parent Guardian Handbook (Spanish)

Este manual ha sido diseñado, para prestar ayuda a las personas implicadas en el Sistema Judicial de Dependencia en Oklahoma. La experiencia en el tribunal puede ser muy intimidante y abrumadora para algunos; especialmente, cuando afecta a sus hijos.

Contar con la información adecuada, resultará muy valioso y disminuirá la confusión que puede acompañar este proceso. Por favor mantenga este manual con usted y úselo para buscar términos que no entienda y sepa a quién contactar para ayudarlo a despejar sus preguntas.

For Attorneys

 (explanation of the purpose of each resource) both Parent and Childrens’ attorneys hosted on CIP Website as part of the task force

Standards of Practice for Parents Attorneys

“Parents have a natural, legal, and moral right, as well as a duty, to care for and support their children and such rights are protected by state and federal laws as well as the Constitution. To that end, it is presumed that the best interests of a child are ordinarily served by leaving the child in the custody of the parents, who are expected to have the strongest bond of love and affection and to be best able to provide a child those needed qualities that make a child’s life safe and secure…” . 10A O.S. §1-1-102.

Standards of Practice for Children’s Attorneys

Oklahoma Bar Association Juvenile Law Section

Compendium of Measures & Data Sources: Understanding Judicial Decision Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare

The compendium describes research measures and data sources used in child welfare court research. It provides a valuable tool for legal professionals to understand:

  • how court hearings have been evaluated and what research measures have been used;
  • the role of research, measures, and data sources in efforts to improve child welfare court hearings; and
  • how to strengthen child welfare court hearings through research.

Forensic Evaluators

Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth Juvenile Competency Evaluators

The court may contact an evaluator directly or the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (OCCY)
can assist in assigning an evaluator.

OCCY Contact
Mark James, Asst. Director

Fully Credentialed Juvenile Forensic Evaluators as Approved by OCCY

Dr. Stephen Grissom – statewide
918 899-1393

Dr. Tamara Reeves – statewide
405 822-7844

Dr. Greg Parks – statewide
405 696-7795

Dr. Kathryn LaFortune – Northeast
918 591-6079

Other Resources

Child Welfare Information Gateway

New Mental Health Video from the Children’s Bureau! (

Enhanced Resource Guidelines – Bench Card for the Trauma Informed Judge